Construction Company of Noida Delhi NCR

Construction Company of Noida Delhi NCR

construction company in noida

Construction Company of Noida Delhi NCR

Unirise is today a leading Civil Contractors Company famous for Modern & Low Cost Construction operating from Noida (Delhi NCR).We have executed several construction projects in array of fields such as Residential ,Industrial, Hospitality and many more.

As a company Unirise solve’s your biggest problem of getting quality construction for which you usually hire an Architect /Civil Contractor or a Construction Company .Since we are an amalgamation of these three professions we can provide solution to your construction needs at lowest possible cost be it Renovation, New Construction, Additional Area Construction or Completion Certificate Requirement.

Advantages of getting your property constructed through Unirise :

Team Unirise delivers Quality Construction which usually is available  at very high price. Moreover there are certain services that distinguish us from  others which are :

  • Penalty Clause :Unlike other Building or Civil Contractors we get into an agreement with our Clients which also includes a penalty clause .
  • An Architect From Start Till handover : We don’t just hire an architect’s one time for consultancy or drawing but instead assign him for the building so that your building can be customized your way without any delay.
  • Flexibility: With our company you get flexibility of drafting your own contract on your own terms .We give you complete transparency of the costs involved moreover we can work with you to give you consultancy and guidance  on your construction project

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What are the 4 Stages Every Construction Company or An Architect Civil Contractor Follows?

Although in any construction every stage is equally important one must identify 4 basic stages to execute this vision.

The Standard process of Construction which is followed by  Construction Companies of NOIDA along with average money spent on every stage:

I.Foundation and Land Preparation

Average Spend:25% of Total Cost

The Land on which construction is to be done is first excavated and prepared which is further followed by laying  a concrete support under a foundation that rests in solid ground which distribute the weight of the structure over the ground.Masonry work like walls are then erected followed by RCC * slabs and beams.


Average Spend:15% of Total Cost

As per the interior of the house , Provisions here are made for Air Conditioner ,Television Set Top Boxes ,Telephone Line etc  .Basic services  like Electric Conduiting , Wiring and Plumbing Work are also carried out ,Once Complete walls are then Plastered .

III.Frameworks : Foundation of the Finishing

Average Spend:30% of Total Cost

You must inform your Civil Contractor what all facilities you want in your house because after this stage it will be difficult to go back and do the provision .This stage is also known as foundation of finishing because you can use only those amenities for which you have done provisions here .This stage usually covers the basic level fixtures like Woodwork for Doors , Windows  and their  Frames .False Ceiling if required POP Punning , Flooring etc

 IV.Handover of the building

Average Spend:30% of Total Cost

Finishing work is usually the most expensive work in any construction which is  also very time consuming as it demands skilled labor. Final installation of  Modular Kitchen and Accessories ,Wardrobes, Lights  ,Fans and  Fixtures ,Bathroom Fittings , Electrical Switches  ,Painting Work Landscaping etc are completed in this stage


For 1500-2000Sqft of area The above 4 stages usually takes about six months time to complete.


We have done lot of quality construction work in NOIDA Sector 63 and Greater Noida.Call Us Today To Know More About Latest Construction Techniques & Ongoing Construction Costs

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